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In 1990, the Turbo Hydra-Matic 700R4 was renamed the 4L60. Under the new designation, the "4" stands for the number of forward gears, the "L" for longitudinal applications (rear-wheel-drive), and the "60" is the strength rating (less than the 4L80). "60" is the relative torque value. For example, 80 is stronger than 60, which is stronger than 40, etc. A 4L80-E can handle more torque than a 4L60-E. The "E" denotes electronically controlled shifting. However, Since the 4L60 is hydraulically shifted based on governor pressure and TV cable position, the "E" at the end is optional.
700-R4,4L60,GM,Transmission Bands, High Performance and Stock
700-R4,4L60,GM,Transmission Bands, High Performance and Stock
Filters/Filter Kit
700-R4,4L60,GM,Filters and Filter Kits
Performance Rebuild Kits
Performance Rebuild Kits for GM Hydrolic Transmission 700-R4,4L60
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Mega,Master Rebuild Kits,Banner Kits
Gaskets,O-Rings,Sealing Rings
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Gaskets,O-Rings,Sealing Rings and Kits
Friction & Steel Kits
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Friction/Steel Kits,Power Paks,Modules
Shift,Tow Correction Kits
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Shift,Tow Correction Kits,Sonnax,Superior,Fairbanks,TransAction,TransGo
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Planetary Assemblies,Geartrains and Kits
Drums,Clutch Hubs
700-R4,4L60,TH700-R4,GM,Drums and Clutch Hubs
Sun Gears,Shells,Supports
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Sun Gears,Shells,Supports
Solenoids,Electrical Components
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Solenoids,Electrical Components
Pump Components/Kits
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Pump Components
Sprags/One Way Clutches
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Sprags,One-Way Clutches and Kits
700-R4,4L60,TH700-R4,GM,Bushings and Bushing Kits
Valve Bodies,Valve Components
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Valve Body Assemblies,Valve Body Updates
Thrust Washers,Shims/Kits
700-R4,4L60,TH700-R4,GM,Thrust Washers,Shims and Kits
Snap Rings
700-R4,4L60,Snap Rings,OE and Aftermarket
700-R4,4L60,Output and Input Shafts,OE,Cryo-Tough,Heat Treated,Heavy Duty
Metal Clad Seals
700-R4,4L60,Metal Clad Seals
Misc. Components/Kits
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Miscellaneous Components
Technical Manuals,ATSG Books,Updates Videos
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Transmission Rebuild Manuals,DVDs and Mini Disc
Transmission Oil Pans
700-R4,4L60,GM Stock,Deep,and Shallow Pans in all finishes.
Stall Converters,Torque Converters
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Stock Torque Converters,High Performance Stall Converters for Street/Race/Drag applications
Flywheels,Flexplates,Dust Covers
700-R4,4L60,GM,Flywheels,Flexplates,Dust Covers
Transmission Tools
700-R4,4L60E,TH700-R4,GM,Transmission Rebuilder's Tools,Problem Solvers
Gm Pressure Valve Snap Ring Installer Tool, 2004R, 700R4, 4L60E
Gm Pressure Valve Snap Ring Installer Tool, 2004R, 700R4, 4L60E
Price: $77.18
Gm Pressure Valve Snap Ring Installer Tool, 2004R, 700R4, 4L60E
Gm Pressure Valve Snap Ring Installer Tool, 2004R, 700R4, 4L60E
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