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Cover, Valve Small Block, Finned Top, LS1, LS6, Chevrolet

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Black,Chevrolet GEN3 Small Block Finned Top
Black,Chevrolet GEN3 Small Block Finned TopCast,Chevrolet GEN3 Small Block Finned TopRed,Chevrolet GEN3 Small Block Finned TopPolished,Chevrolet GEN3 Small Block Finned Top
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These valve covers feature a tall height and a clean design with raised fins. This PML design located the PCV/breather/oil fill hole in the center on the intake side. Two recessed bolts per cover (stock uses four) hold the cover on the engine. The sand cast aluminum construction provides stiffness so four bolts are not needed to apply pressure evenly to the gasket.

The valve covers fit the center bolt heads used on 3rd Gen Chevrolet?? small block engines. Production of these heads began in 1997 with the LS1 used in the Corvette. They also fit LS6. Versions of these heads are also found in Silverado/Sierra, Tahoe/Yukon, Camaro/Firebird, and GTO's.

PCV, Breather, and Oil Fill:

These valve covers have holes cast into the intake manifold side of the cover for PCV, oil fill and breathers. The holes are 1 inch in diameter. Some applications require larger holes, for example 1 1/4 inches. The cast-in holes can be machined to the larger size if needed. PML has a machine shop and can machine them. There is a fee. Please call for details.

Covers do not come with holes machined for PCV, oil fill or breathers. Two locations on the intake manifold side can optionally be machined. Baffles are cast into the interior of the cover in two locations opposite where the holes would go. Please call to order if you would like Transmission Automotive Technologies to machined these holes the cost is $49.99.


PML recommends using Fel-Pro gaskets with these valve covers. The part number is VS 50088 R.

To install the covers using these gaskets, hold the gasket in place with your fingers and put your thumbs over the screws on the top. Then carefully fit the valve covers on the head making sure to get the groove on the covers lined up with the groove on the head. Put the exhaust side in first. Not getting the grooves lined up is a cause of leaks.

PML Valve Cover Features:

Strong sand-cast aluminum construction
Thick side walls and gasket flanges that will not bend when bolts are tightened
Cast-in internal baffles
Mounting hardware included

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