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The AX4N is an improved version of the basic AXOD, and is more reliable. This transaxle shifting is non-sequential (as indicated by the "N" in AX4N) and has improved shift quality over the previous AX4S. Although similar in design and dimensions, it is a different transaxle than previous AXOD transmissions. The AX4N has 19 bolts to retain the fluid pan. It was used in the 1996–99 Taurus SHO models, and was standard on Duratec-powered models. It also appears in some 1994–2002 Vulcan-powered models. It became standard with both engines in 2003. It was renamed the 4F50N in 2001.
Transmission Bands, High Performance and Stock
Transmission Bands, High Performance and Stock
AX4N,4F540N,Master Overhaul Kits(steels included)
AX4N,4F50N,Planetary Assemblies,Geartrain Kits
Sun Gears,Shells
AX4N,4F50N,Solenoids,Electrical Components
Technical Manuals,ATSG Books,Updates Videos
AX4N,4F50N,Technical Manuals,ATSG Books,Updates Videos
AX4N,4F50N,Transmission Oil Pans
Bearing Remover [AX4],FORD
Tool, Bearing Remover, AX4N, Ford
Price: $244.18
Tool, Bearing Remover, AX4N, Ford
Tool, Bearing Remover, AX4N, Ford
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