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Switch,Adjustable Vaccum,1-6 Range,200-4R,700-R4,4L60E

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Universal Adjustable Vacuum Switch
Price: $79.99
Part Number: TATK052SP
Switch,Adjustable Vaccum,1-6 Range,200-4R,700-R4,4L60E 

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Useful for 700-R4, 200-4R's and other units working without computers and needing help getting lock-up in and out at the proper time. Unlike the GM vacuum switch, this switch allows the vacuum trigger point to be adjusted between 1 to 6 inches of vacuum. This switch can also be wired-in to be normally open or closed.

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Very Basic Vacuum Switch
Chris Coleman (Moorpark, CA) 8/11/2012 12:22 AM
This is the most common AVS vacuum switch found for general automotive applications. It's used primarily for automatic transmission conversions such as the GM 700R4 or Chrysler A518/46RH. It's inexpensive, reliable for up to 10,000,000 cycles and can be wired in either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) positions. It does however have some disadvantages. If installed near a hot engine, the thermal range for this switch is limited to 160 degrees max, so it's best to mount it on a firewall or near a fresh air supply. Also, the adjusting screw is actually inside the vacuum port, so it must be removed from the hose to make an adjustment. This makes fine tuning for a specific application much more difficult and time consuming. In addition, spade lugs are the miniature type instead of the more common full-size types used in automobiles. Also there is no standard adjustment or calibration chart available for this switch, so the installer must use trial and error to figure out the level of vacuum needed to switch the device with each setting. This is done by rotating the Allen screw all the way in and making small counterclockwise adjustments out, then testing until the correct number of turns is determined. A vacuum switch which can be tuned from inside the car while on the fly would be even better so shifting characteristics could be adjusted.
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