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The 4T40-E and 4T45-E are a series of automatic transaxles from General Motors. Designed for transverse engine configurations, the series includes 4 forward gears. The 4Txx family replaced the Turbo-Hydramatic 125 transverse three speed automatic introduced in 1980.

The "-E" series is electronically controlled and features an automatic overdrive transaxle with an electronically controlled torque converter clutch. Since the non-electronic versions of these transmissions does not exist, it is conventional to refer to these models as simply 4T40 and 4T45, leaving out the "-E".
4T40E,4T45E Transmission Bands, High Performance and Stock
4T40E,4T45E,GM,Transmission Bands, High Performance and Stock
Filters/Filter Kit
4T40E,4T45E,GM,Filters and Filter Kits
Master Overhaul Kits (steels included)
4T40E,4T45E,GM,Master Overhaul Kits (steels included)
Drums,Clutch Hubs
4T40E,4T45E,GM,Drums and Clutch Hubs
Shift, Tow Correction Kits
4T40E,4T45E,GM,Shift, Tow Correction Kits
Solenoids,Electrical Components
4T40E,4T45E,GM,Electrical Components
Valve Body
4T40E,4T45E,GM,Valve Body Assemblies
Transmission Tools
4T40E,4T45E,GM,Transmission Tools,Problem Solvers
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