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The 722.6 transmission went into production for use in 1996 model year vehicles and is still being offered in 2009 retained for V12 Supercharged Applications. The 722.6 can befound in Mercedes, Porsche and Jaguar. The unit can also be found in a variety of Chrysler products, where it is referred to as (NAG1). The acronym N.A.G., is derived from the German term for new automatic gearbox; the number 1,being the first version. In the U.S., NAG1 units include the W5A580, W5A380, W5A330 and W5J400. In the W5A series,the last three digits indicate the maximum input torque in Newton meters. The W5A330 has the widest gear ratio; the others have the same ratio. The J400 identifies the unit as a Jeep application. You can identify the origin by the following process. If the unit only has a pin stamp on the driver’s side, or a combination pin stamp and bar code tag, it was manufactured in Germany. If it only has a bar code tag, it was manufactured by Chrysler. 

W= Transmission using a hydraulic torque converter.

5 = 5 forward gears [not always written out].

A = Automatic transmission.

580 = Maximum input torque capacity in Newton-meters (428 ft-lb)

Filters/Filter Kit
NAG1, Filter and Filter Kits
Master Overhaul Kits(steels included)
NAG1,Master Overhaul Kits(steels included)
Friction and Steels
NAG1,Friction and Steel Kit, Chrysler, Mopar
Shift,Tow Correction Kits
NAG1,Shift,Tow Correction Kits
Solenoids,Electrical Components
NAG1,Solenoids,Electrical Components
Valve Bodies,Valve Components
Valve Bodies,Valve Components
Technical Manuals,ATSG Books,Updates Videos
NAG-1,722.6,Technical Manuals,ATSG Books,Updates Videos
Transmission Oil Pans
NAG1,Transmission Oil Pans
Transmissison Tools
Transmission Rebuild Tools

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