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Descriptions of different types of rebuild kits

Overhaul Kits:

Our Overhaul Kits contain Paper Gaskets, Pan Gasket, O Rings, Seal Ring Kit (Steel or Teflon), Rubber Lip Seals, Metal Clad Seals. Some Transmissions have reusable Pan Gaskets and may not be included, Check item description to make sure it is included. These Gaskets are available upon request. An example is our 4L60E TransTec Overhaul Kit


Banner Kits:

Our Banner Kits contain everything in the Overhaul Kit applicable to your transmission as well as Clutch Friction Plates. Stock kits usually have Borg Warner Clutches, High Performance ALTO RED EAGLE Clutches are also available as well as other popular brands.  An example is our 5R110W Banner Kit.


Master Kits:

Our Master Kits contain everything in the overhaul and banner kits as well as Clutch Plate Steels. Stock Kits usually have Borg Warner Steels, High Performance ALTO KOLENE Steels are also available as well as other popular brands. An example is our Alto RED EAGLE 4L80E Master Rebuild Kit


Combo Kits:

Combo Kits contain everything in our Master Kit as well as Bands, Accumulators, Valve Body Shift Kit. Please check Combo Kit Description to see what is included.  An Example is our 48RE Combo Kit.


What is Not Included:

With exception to our Combo Kits, kits do NOT include the following items:

·         Bands

·         Accumulator Piston

·         Shift Kit

·         Bushings

·         Sprags

·         Servos

·         Modulator

·         Filter

·         Washer Kit

·         Sprags

·         Solenoids

·         Hard Parts

These part are NOT included but recommended for a complete rebuild.

Whether you are a first time builder or a veteran, ATSG Technical Manuals are a valuable resource and are highly recommended when purchasing any of our kits.


Before Ordering:

Please refer to our Transmission Lookup and our other Resources located on the right side of the page to see which transmission your vehicle has, visually verify transmission type as your vehicle may have a rebuilt or swapped unit that is not original.

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