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Ultimate Supports Covers

LPW ULTIMATE support covers are available for 22 applications and are the only covers which allow the addition of LPW's axle-tube brace. Most ULTIMATE covers measure approximately 4-1/8" tall. Low profile ULTIMATE covers offer improved chassis clearance by measuring only 3-5/8" tall.

ULTIMATE support covers have increased clearance allowing for low gear ratios and additional fluid capacity. ULTIMATE support covers are engineered to strengthen the rear housing from unwanted case distortion and gear deflection.

All LPW support covers incorporate 2 adjustable load bolts that support and prevent the main caps from movement and possible breakage. LPW's load bolts have been certified to be more than 40% stronger than any other brand's load bolt. This makes LPW support covers the strongest on the market.

Upgrade your old main cap bolts with the LPW main cap stud kit. LPW stud kits are available for all popular applications and use high quality ARP fasteners.

LPW Cap Support Covers features:

∙ Fill and magnetic drain plugs
∙ Additional clearance for billet main caps and low gear ratios
∙ Increased fluid capacity and reduced operating temperatures
∙ Includes instructions and proper cover mounting bolts(including metric if needed)
∙ Simple bolt-on installation
∙ Made in the USA

Low Profile Ultimate Support Covers - FORD 10 Bolt (1981-Present)
Cover, Differential, Rear, 10 Bolt, 8.8, Pro Series, Ford (81-14)
Price: $169.99
Cover, Differential, Rear, 10 Bolt, 8.8, Pro Series, Ford (81-14)
Cover,differential,Low Profile Ultimate Support,FORD 10 Bolt(81-Present)
Stud Kits,Main Cap,FORD,DANA,AMC
Stud Kits,Main Cap,FORD,DANA,AMC
Price: $28.99
Stud Kits,Main Cap,FORD,DANA,AMC
(1/2" Thread Size)
Ultimate Support Covers - OLDS 12 Bolt (1968-1970)
Ultimate Support Covers - OLDS 12 Bolt (1968-1970)
Price: $183.72
Ultimate Support Covers - OLDS 12 Bolt (1968-1970)
(8.5, 10 Bolt Ring Gear)
Cover Replacement Parts,Support,Plug Kit
Plugs, Drain, Kit, Support Cover, Replacement Parts
Price: $14.99
Plugs, Drain, Kit, Support Cover, Replacement Parts
(3/8" Fill, 1/8" & 1/4" Magnetic Drains)
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