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Transmission Pan, Dodge 727,518 (46RH, 46RE), 618 (46RH, 47RE), 48RE, Deep, Black, Powder Coated

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Transmission Pan 727 518 46RH 46RE 618 46RH 47RE 48RE
Price: $315.00
Part Number: TAT-9393-B-PL

Volume: 2 qts. over stock

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

Number of Bolts: 14

Fits: This transmission pan fits:

  • 1989 to 2007 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 trucks with 5.9 Cummins diesel or V10 engines
  • Some Dodge trucks with V8 gas engines from the late 1960’s until 2001
  • 2WD Durango with 5.9 V8
  • 2WD Dakota with 5.9 V8
  • Some V8 powered Ram vans

This transmission pan works with these Dodge TorqueFlite transmissions:

  • 518, A518 (46RH, 46RE)
  • 618, A618 (47RH, 47RE)
  • 727, A727 (36RH, 37RH)
  • 48RE

PML designed this pan to work with a variety of vehicles with these Dodge TorqueFlite transmissions. PML added capacity and fins for cooling. This pan is only one inch deeper than the stock pan to maintain clearance on most vehicles. Dimensions are provide in above link and you should always check your vehicle for clearance before ordering a larger transmission pan.

For 2007 and newer 6.7 Cummins diesel trucks, please see our Dodge 68RFE transmission pan.

Four wheel drive Durango & Dakota will likely have exhaust and frame clearance problems with a deeper pan.

Filter and Gasket Information

PML designed this pan to work with the stock filter and gasket. A filter extension is not needed with a PML pan. This pan is one inch deeper than stock and there is plenty of mixing of fluid due to vehicle movement as well as the fluid being sucked into the filter and returned from the oil cooler to prevent a stagnant layer at the bottom. The filter and oil level are at the same location with the PML pan and the stock pan.


The drain is on the driver's side of the vehicle shown at right. A magnetic drain plug and all mounting bolts are included with the pan.

A hole for a temperature sending unit can optionally be machined also on the driver's side a few inches toward the rear of the vehicle from the drain plug.

PML Dodge 48re pan drain
Click on image to view larger.

PML Transmission Pan Compared to Stock

PML Transmission Pan Part Number 9393 height compared to stock   PML Transmission Pan Part Numbers 9393, compared to stock 
Click on image to view larger.

These images show this PML transmission pan compared to the stock pan.

Installation on a 1997 Ram 2500

These images show the installation of this pan on a 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 V10 4x4 truck. Our thanks to Matt for choosing a PML pan and sending us pictures.

The first image is the old, beat up stock pan. The second image shows the heavy duty deep PML pan installed.

Stock Pan on a 1997 Ram 2500    PML Dodge Pan installed on a 1997 Ram 2500 
Click on image to view larger.

PML Transmission Pan Features

  • Increased oil capacity for cooler temperatures
  • Sand-cast aluminum with raised fins
  • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to the transmission case
  • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal
  • Boss cast into pan can be machined for a temperature sensor
  • Drain hole and magnetic drain plug for easier, less messy maintenance

All PML transmission pans ship with new mounting bolts and a magnetic drain plug.

If you would like PML to machine your pan for a temperature sending unit, there is an additional charge of $45 .

Find out why you should buy a PML transmission pan.

Learn more about finishes and construction of PML parts.

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